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Golf Industry Guidelines to Coronavirus (Covid-19)


Notice - Coronavirus COVID -19

In accordance with the advice from the UK Government and Public Health Wales, the Directors have in consultation with the Management Committee introduced the following measures with immediate effect:


• Members and visitors with any colds, coughs or any symptoms of COVID19 should not attend the Club. If they do, they will be asked not to play.

• Members and visitors who enter the Clubhouse are asked not to lean on the bar surfaces when being served and stand a reasonable distance away from these areas.

• Members, staff and visitors will be expected to adhere to good personal hygiene and effective hand washing practice.

• Locker rooms are now closed to avoid players contact. Members and visitors must change their shoes in the car park.

• Golf buggies should now be used by single individuals and cleaned afterwards.


• Golfers must comply with current social distancing arrangements i.e. 2 meters rule on tee grounds, greens and throughout the round.

• Flags must be left in the hole.

•Golfers must carefully remove their golf ball from the hole, NOT with a golf club.

• Golfers should only pick up their own ball.

• Do not share any equipment, such as golf clubs or rangefinders.

• Do not shake hands before or after your game.

• Ball washers and the air compressor used for cleaning shoes and trolleys will be removed or disconnected.


• Members are asked not to socialise in large numbers in the bar and lounge area to reduce risk.

• Social distancing i.e. 2 metre rule must be maintained in the bar and restaurant.

• Members and visitors who enter the Clubhouse are asked not to lean on the bar surfaces when being served and to stand a reasonable distance away from these areas.

• All internal doors throughout the clubhouse are being left open to eliminate spread by door handles or push bars.


These will be constantly under scrutiny at this time and members will be advised accordingly of any changes that are made.


TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY OPEN   8am to 4pm                 

FRIDAY     8am - 5pm                                                                            

SATURDAY  8am to 6pm                                                                           

SUNDAY    9am to 4pm                                                                          

The current restrictions do not prevent golf competitions or casual games taking place, but all golfers should follow these simple steps to minimize the risk of infection.

By following positive but sensible set of guidelines which we can all adhere to and then communicating those to golfers, we can continue to enjoy the sport in the months to come.

The Directors and Management Committee will continue to closely monitor the information and advice released by the Government and Public Health Wales with regards to the spread and containment of COVID-19 and will provide daily updates using existing communication channels.