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Children's Ward POW Donation


The Grove Golf Club Captain Mike DAVEY and Ladies Captain Janet JONES chose the Children’s Ward at the Princess of Wales Hospital as their Charity for this year.


The following events were organised, Captain’s Christmas Party, Christmas Swim, Open Air Concert and Joint Captain’s Charity Day to raise money.


The Community Nursing team led by Tracey Maloney were asked to compile a “wish list” of equipment that would enhance the quality of life for those children treated at the Children’s Ward and by the Community Nursing Team within the Community.


The Captain’s donated an item known as the Acquvein earlier in the year. The instrument allows health care professional to see a map of peripheral veins on the skin surface with the goal of improving venepuncture, the most commonly performed invasive medical procedure, far less traumatic.


At the Club’s Annual Presentation, the Captains, through money raised by the events organised through the year, were able to donate an additional Acquvein machine for use by the Community Nursing Team within the Community.


Not only where they able to donate this additional instrument, they purchased 23 puppets. The use of puppets can strengthen a child’s language development and social interaction. They can also assist to reduce a child’s anxiety as well as easing any tension and distress they experience while in hospital or undergoing post operative treatment.


The Captains have also paid the cost of the Children’s Christmas Party for this coming Christmas.


The Captain thanked everyone for their support and generous donations to the Charity through the year. He added that both he and the Ladies Captain felt that it was important that the Local Community benefited from monies raised for their chosen charity. Furthermore, those people who had supported the charity by making very generous donations were able to know exactly how the monies have been spent.