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Ryder Cup Teams

EUROPE 24.5Pts - AMERICA 23.5Pts

Congratulations to the European team on regaining the Grove Ryder Cup. At the start of the Sunday Singles matches Europe were leading 14. 5Pts - 9.5Pts. As the final score suggests, team America came back strongly by taking the Signals session by 14Pts – 10Pts but fell shy by 1Pt. The European Captain Terry Thomas must have breathed a sigh of relief when Karl Murray won his game against Steve Cole. Commiserations to the Vice Captain Will Hanford and team America who had made a stirring comeback on Sunday.
Thanks to the following:
Rhys Williams (Course Manager) and his team for presenting the course in great condition for all three days. They should all be applauded for their hard work.  
Katrina and her hard-working team behind the bar and kitchen for ensuring that all members were fed and watered over the three long days with courtesy, smiling faces and involving themselves in the event. As it happens, Connor has the bragging rights after Europe’s win.
Lorna and her little helpers in Seve’s for providing drinks and food in the halfway house. It was appreciated by all the players. It’s always a welcome break.

Alex Hemsley, Howard Jones, Norman Rand, Kevin Budge, Darren Murrell and Martin Rees for stepping in to replace members who were unable to play over the weekend. 

Norman Vincent for helping to put up the flags and setting up the leaderboard for the weekend.
Christine Bourne for carrying out starter’s duties on all 3 days as well as her little helper on Friday and for supporting both teams and the organisers.

Finally, a big thank you to all those members who took part in the event. Without your commitment and support events like the Ryder Cup would not be possible and it helps to stimulate the camaraderie in the club. I hope that members who took part for the first time enjoyed the experience and will continue to support the events organised.

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